The most significant and important of all the cultural … The most significant and important of all the cultural and vibrant celebrations in Assam is the Bihu festival. At first in 1996, it was declared by the government of Assam to dedicate a day for the great king. Bohag Bihu is the most important and important Famous Colorfull festival of all the cultural and vibrant festivals of Assam. This Bihu festival is celebrated in Assam without any caste, religion and creed. People wear new clothes, prepare traditional food such as pitha, larus and pray for a good and prosperous year ahead. This festival not only showcases Lord Krishna in all his glory but also brings to light the rich culture and heritage of the people of Majuli. Bihu is one of the most famous festivals celebrated in Assam. You may not be aware but the people of the state of Assam are collectively given the name of Axomiyas. A non-religious festival which is celebrated irrespective of caste and creed. The festivals and fairs that are celebrated in the largest Northeastern state are entertaining, engaging, vibrant and nothing less than a spectacular experience. The popular Elephant Festival is held in the north eastern state of Assam in India. Here is how to reach Kaziranga. Assam Traditional Costumes: Assam traditional costumes have a long traditional history, the dresses of Assam are Silk Fiber or Muga and very famous for its design and style. This festival on the last day of the year is in fact the national festival of Assam. This is the most famous festival of Assam, which is … Holding immense national importance, Bihu festival is the most celebrated festival of Assamese. Duck meat curry famous Assam Food. The following day the younger generation offer their respects to their elders and seek their blessings. The Rongali Bihu marks the agricultural New Year at the advent of seeding time and is celebrated as the Festival of Merriment. Bihu is the most important festival of Assam. The meat cooked with Ash Gourd, this way of cooking gives extra taste. Assam, being a traditionally diversified state, there are a lot of main festivals that are celebrated in Assam. People from outside Majuli flock to the island to join in the festivities. Enjoying the state patronage, Bihu celebrates the harvest success of farmers. Assam Divas or Assam day or Sukaphaa Divas is a tributing festival. Doul festival is a famous festival in India. It is a festival of colour and happiness. Q 3. Assam is a land of fairs and festivals. Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu is another bihu celebrated during harvesting of paddy. It is celebrated to mark the important points of a cultivator's life over a yearly cycle. Until the end, the closing ceremony was known as Garza Sally outside the village. Bihu is celebrated by all communities of Assam, irrespective of religion, caste or creed. Pic Credit: Wiki Commons © Holidify Travels Pvt Ltd.- All Right Reserved. For several centuries, they have been performing dramas and dances to glorify his deeds. The famous one-horned rhino of Assam which is an endangered animal is unique to Assam and attracts tourists from across the world. Each Sattra showcases Lord Krishna's life in their own way through various songs, plays, dances, puppets and attires. Effective unity between Tihar and the tribes of the state and to be a part of the rich tradition of Tihar go to Assam in one of these festivals. The State of Assam organizes for one of the largest elephant festivals in India for the purpose of conservation and safeguard of Asiatic elephants. Create and share itinerary, download PDF Guides and free access to Holidify's full content. People then gather around and sing praises of the deity. It is a sea fair visited for 3 days. Adored by anyone who has been a part of this festival, the festival of Majuli is considered to be one of the most pleasing and beautiful festivals of Assam. Assam is a very colorful state in North-Eastern India with Exploring The Culture And Beauty Of Assam. Celebrated by the Bodo Kacharis of Assam, the Baishagu festival marks the beginning of the new year. There are three Bihus which are celebrated in three different periods of the year. Bihu Festival - The Famous Festival of Assam. The whole community gathers to pray. About Bihu Festival of Assam Bihu festival is the one and most important festival of Assam. During this time is when the granaries are filled up again with crops. Traditional troupes from different parts of the country also come down here to showcase their culture through the versatile talents that they possess. It is celebrated with joy and abundance by all … Live Among Tea Gardens At Sapoi Tea Farms! Facebook It is one of the largest elephant festivals … Ranked second worldwide for its production of teas, Assam celebrates the festival to glorify their authentic and tasteful tea production. There is not much merriment during Kati Bihu. We never post anything without your permission. If you are also planning a vacation to this beautiful state and are a bit curious about it, then we have prepared just the right thing for you. This festival is celebrated in Assam by the tribes of Bodo and Kachari during the spring season, at the start of the Assamese New Year. Men wear dhoti and white shirt, which are known as Kurta. The next day the younger generation pays homage to their elders and prays for their blessings. 22 Navagraha Temples in India & Their History. The colourful heritage and rich culture of Assam are reflected in the different types of festivities and celebrations that take place within its borders. For a traditional tribal festival off the beaten track, don't miss … Leaving behind their daily routines, the people gather together to enjoy the festivals which are packed with joy and excitement. There are three Bihu- Bohag or Rongali Bihu, Kati or Kongali Bihu and Bhugali or Magh Bihu. Traditional Assamese food is not spicy; it is even bland at times. Specially prepared chicken and local rice beer (zoo) are given to Shiva or Bathu. Assam celebrates festivals of various religions and various tribes. These exhibitions present the traditional grandeur of Assam with items ranging from food and handicrafts to authentic clothing and wooden showpieces. If you’re holidaying in the state, make sure you become a part of the festivities as it is one of the most fun things to do in Assam. They cover the body part with Galuk cloth. Exhibitions are planned and designed beautifully to show with pride, the growth, and cultivation of tea plants in the state. Dedicated to the conservation and protection of Asiatic elephant, the Elephant festival in Assam is a famous festival noble in its concept. Assam is considered as a very colorful state of the country where the local people celebrate a ton of fairs and festivals with utmost vigour, pomp and show. The main reason for the celebration of these festivals is to spread happiness and strengthen the bond between friends and family. It is observed in the month of Bohag (April) of the Assamese calendar. It begins on the last … The history of the Assam day celebration is not too old. Khaar is the basic ingredient obtained from a solution of water and dried banana peel. famous place in rajasthan; forts in rajasthan; hill station in rajasthan; gujarat. Many festivals are local and held at different dates each year. Assam culture and tradition, assam cultural life,The people of Assam are a mixture of Mongolian, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian and Aryan origin. Duck meat used widely in Assam, the Assam people cooked this meat on special occasions. Presently the city has the biggest railway station in Assam with 18 Lines opened in 2009. Bihu. Copyright (c) 2020 Career of Assam this Website Development and Design By Raj Asom Laskar, Sivasagar (Assam). Visit Assam during Majuli to watch the beautiful affair through your own eyes. Baishagu Festival. It is called as "Festival of Festivals". It is classified into many festivals such as Rongali, Kangali and Bhogali etc. This festival on the last day of the year is in fact the national festival of Assam. As spectators as well as participators, the level of grandeur and energy you get to experience during the celebrations of these festivals in Assam is just another level. The Hornbill Festival is promoted by The Nagaland Tourism dept. Everyone joins in the dance, irrespective of age or gender. Tipam is an ethnic village which is famous for its historical places. Kaziranga National Park is the venue. The items that see the highest number of sales are the beautifully crafted potteries with exquisite details in carved upon it by the artists. Most of the festivals celebrated in Assam have their roots in the diverse faith and belief of her inhabitants, but a spirit of accommodation and togetherness characterizes the celebration of all festivals. This famous tea festival in the eastern Assam derives its name from the haughty “Patkai range” and the teasing “Dehing River.” This festival is a fusion of tea, music and enjoyment. A branch of the Karam tree is brought back to a chosen courtyard where it is then covered with cow dung and mud. Guwahati, Compare quotes from upto 3 travel agents for free, Assamese Culture, Traditional Dress and Jewellery, Dresses of Assam - A Sneak Peak Into Traditional Assamese Costumes, Food of Assam | Mouth-watering Dishes From Assam, Historical Places in Assam For A Stunning Heritage Tour, Hill Stations in Assam For A Beautiful North East India Adventure, National Parks Of Assam For A Once In A Lifetime Experience, Things to do in Assam for a Perfect Vacay Amidst Hills, India's First Elephant-Friendly Tea Garden Started With A Single Man. Your details are safe with us. The people of Assam locally know their supreme deity Bri Shivrai by the name of Father Shivrai. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. Bihu is the most famous festival in Assam. Doul festival is a famous festival in India. Rajdhani Express Train Originate from Dibrugarh and Dibrugarh Town. They eat 'bhaat’ with 'dal’ (lentils), with 'masor jul’ (fish curry), with 'mangso’ (meat curry) or 'xaak’ and 'bhaji’ (herbs and vegetables). A sacred festival for the tea growing tribal communities of Assam, the Karam Puja is celebrated to propitiate the favour of mother nature. It is generally celebrated in Assam but people from the Assamese diasporas have of late started to celebrate in all over the world. The four-day festivity observes many Tantrics coming from all around to show their powers and tricks. They range from white tea to black and green tea along with the regular thin leaf tea and wide leaf tea. Majuli festival is celebrated on the banks of the River Luit in Majuli, which is the biggest river island in the world. Both are centered on the main ingredient — rice. In the Assamese language Rangoli means delightful. Here is the detail of all three forms below {one by one}: Bamboo shoot on its own has a very strong smell and taste which might not suit everybody. It is held on Bhado Ekadashi, which is the 11th day of a full moon in the Hindu calendar month of Bhado. Assam Divas . Rice or `bhaat’ is the staple food of the people. After the grand ceremony, the temple doors welcome the devotees to come and worship Goddess Kamakhya for purity and prosperity. to showcase the most lavish and exuberant Naga culture and heritage. The festival has some excellent preparations for crafty products, delicious food items and cultural activities and performances to entertain the visitors. At the same time, the youngsters play traditional thematic dramatic instruments such as siphong, kham and tharkar, where people sing along with folk songs. Tipam is a famous tourist spot of Dibrugarh. These cultures come together to create an Assamese culture. Shaped by the mighty Brahmaputra, the Majuli Island rests in the arms of the vivacious river. Given below is a list of Indian Festivals, famously celebrated in the southern part of the country: Onam; Festivals in Assam is an extension of the way of life, reflecting Assamese tradition and heritage. Rongali Bihu is the most important and vibrant of all festivals celebrated by the people of Assam and the Assamese people do it with splendor. The state capital, Dispur, is a suburb of Guwahati. * Bihu is the most important festival celebrated all over Assam with great enthusiasm. Majuli Festival of Assam Majuli Festival is one of the beautiful festivals of Assam. Beautiful folk songs are also sung in tune to the beats of the drums. Kati Bihu, in October, is practised to protect the crops and pray for a good harvest at the end of the season. Assam is home to many groups: Muslim, Indo-Aryan, Rabha, Bodo, Kachari, Karbi, Mising, Sonowal Kacharis, Mishimi and Tiwa (Lalung) etc. Bihu Dance Festival - Three Festivals Rolled Into One. Amazingly, the festivities can go on for up to five days at a stretch. Apart from the rest of the country it is also a colourfully celebrated by the people of Assam, specially it is the tremendous occasion for the people of Barpeta.During the “doul utsava” the hearts of Barpetians are overwhelmed with festivity and joy. Majuli Festival Of Assam. Assam (/ æ s ˈ s æ m, ə ˈ s æ m /, Assamese: ()) is a state in northeastern India, situated south of the eastern Himalayas along the Brahmaputra and Barak River valleys. If you have even heard a single word about Assam or know about it, you must have came across the word “BIHU". The Elephant Festival of Kaziranga in Assam draws a huge crowd in the state during this period. It is believed to be a place of high religious significance. Everyone is involved in dance regardless of age or gender. The Janebill Fair is one of the largest fairs in the world, whose item is still in its infancy. the localites celebrate the fairs and festivals in Assam with true vigour, pomp and show.Assam is a very colorful state in Eastern India, the localites celebrate the fairs and festivals in Assam with true vigour, pomp and show. The different tribes who call Assam their home, pay tribute to their culture and customs in their own unique and beautiful way. Elephant Festival Dedicated to the conservation and protection of Asiatic elephant, the Elephant festival in Assam is a famous festival noble in its concept. The main ritual is held after the fast is over. Assamis northeastern state of India sprawled with numerous temples and monuments, which stand witness to the great historical and cultural past of the state.Some of these monuments date back to the medieval days.